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Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. chemically composes Zhewitra with Vardenafil – also a composition of Levitra. The medicine is produced to treat Male Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problem. Available in different dosages and combination, it relieves ED patients also from other sexual problems such as Premature Ejaculation (PE). The forms and modes of medicine intake are also different to suit different people. Browse through Vardenafil range of products to gain a better insight into the products, Zhewitra has to offer.

The soft influence is powerful drugs which can be easily consumed by simply chewing away. The medication works by improving male erotic abilities by improving sexual health as a whole. The medicine helps a sexually aroused man attain penile erection by improving blood flow to the sex organ and by widening arterial passage.

It contains 20 mg Vardenafil as its basic ingredient. The formula improves male capacity to attain erection which is stronger and harder enough for sexual intercourse. Zhewitra also works on developing ejaculatory control in men. The ED cure should be taken moderately; overdose should be strictly avoided. Compared to the basic ingredients used in Viagra, Vardenafil serves a much stronger composition. The effects stay active for another 48 hours. The medicine improves penile performances by reducing penile strains and by improving the frequency of sexual intercourse.

The sensational generic should be consumed with light meals to experience peak results. ED cures are extremely safe to consume; there are hardly any cases where people may find difficulties in attaining erection. Zhewitra Soft serves a super effective formula which tolerates very well on men of all ages. Children below 18 years of age should avoid consuming any of the ED products as it may permanently damage their organ. Extra caution should be taken by men having prostate issues or those who have undergone any penile surgery.