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The drug is available in pills form and should be taken with plain water, without crushing or chewing. On consumption, the medicine firstly clears the arterial clogging in the penile and activates the function of cGMP enzyme, secondly it works on boosting up blood supply to the penile. A healthy and forceful blood flow is all that is required for attaining a harder and stiffer erection. Lastly, it blocks the interference of PDE5 enzymes in the good work the sex organ is performing.

Overall, the effectiveness can be experienced within 30 minutes of its consumption which stays active for a really longer period of time. It enables you to make a forceful attempt with full confidence to bang on the erotic session.

The drug should be mandatorily consumed in limitation to avoid any reactions and side-effects. P-Force suits all men and serves an amazing treatment to deal with the troubles of impotence.