New American Cuisine with Global Influences


Sample Brunch Menu

(As our dishes are local and seasonal in nature, they are subject to change without notice. Feel free to give us a call to check if we currently carry your favorite dish)

squid ink brioche  spanish omelette, house smoked salmon

ricotta pancakes  ●   coffee butter, strawberries

house-cured salmon  ●  hardboiled egg, toast, mixed greens

two eggs any style  ●   toast, fried spuds, bacon

chicken and waffles  ●  fried chicken, waffles, maple syrup, scrambled eggs

brioche   ●  brie mornay, sous vide egg, cured salmon, herbs

toad in a hole  ●  crispy pork, brie mornay, brioche, poached egg

pickled vegetables house made seasonal vegetables

caramelized cauliflower  ●  toasted pine nuts, chili flake, lime

baby beetscitrus, radish, pepper cress                                                                                        

mixed green salad  ●  apple duo, shallots, balsamic vinaigrette

polenta roasted mushrooms, creamed spinach, yellow curry oil

okra peanuts, bacon, jalapeno salsa 

pig ear chicharrones  ● tomatillo salsa, escabeche, harissa

brie cheese ‘n apple sandwich  ●  caraway vinaigrette,  fruit salad

pork rib sandwich  ● pulled baby back rib, bbq sauce, white cheddar, roasted tomato

pan roasted salmon curry couscous, cauliflower, caper, tomato

crispy cast iron chicken  ●  roasted garlic, radicchio di castelfranco, salsa verde

pescatore  ● basil pasta, tomato sauce, black mussels, shrimp, manila clams

7oz lazy ox burgerbravo farm’s white cheddar, pickled vegetables, grain mustard

marinated 8oz rib eye soy, hoisin, mango chutney


rosemary fried spuds



rootbeer float

rice pudding

vanilla panna cotta

butterscotch pudding

*ingredients may change due to market availability.

*we add an automatic 20% gratuity on parties of 6 or more

*please advise your server of any allergies.